How to Perform a Laptop Screen Repair

The process of replacing the screen of a laptop is pretty straightforward. Before you begin, make sure that you have the appropriate tools for the job. A laptop screen repair is a specific procedure. Remove the screws holding the broken LCD in place, and then carefully pull it away from the bezel. The best way to loosen the bezel is to roll your fingers around the entire screen. Use light to moderate force to lift the bezel out of the screen. If it does not budge, the screws are still attached.

Before removing the screen, make sure the screws holding the bezel in place are removed. The bezel is attached to the back case of the laptop with plastic snaps. To remove it:

  1. Use a thin object or fingernail to pry it away gently.
  2. Insert a small screwdriver and a small piece of plastic into the bezel and unscrew it.
  3. Place the screen and bezel assembly in the plastic bag, and replace the screws.

You must first unscrew the screws holding the bezel to remove the screen. There can be as many as four to six, depending on the model. To remove the screws, use a small flat or Phillips screwdriver. Some laptops may have special screws with unique heads, so you can use an Allen wrench to remove them. If the screw covers are still attached, you may need a small Phillips or Allen wrench.

Once you have unfastened the screws holding the screen in place, you can carefully remove the screen. Sometimes, you will need to use a flat head or Phillips screwdriver to remove the screw covers that hold the screen in place. If the screws have not been sufficiently loosened, you can also try wiggling the screen. This should free the net. Then, install the new screen. Once you have secured the new screen, you must replace the LCD.

You will need to loosen the screws holding the bezel in place to remove the screen. The bezel has the screen in place with a plastic clip. You should carefully remove this tab to remove the display. The hinges are often stuck, so you will need to use a flat head or Phillips screwdriver to remove them. Once you have removed the screws, it is time to remove the LCD. Usually, you can remove the panel by wiggling the screen. Check laptop screen repair shop near you.

If you cannot remove the screen, you may need to dismantle the laptop. This process will remove the bezel and the screws, and you can then replace the screen. You will need a flat head or Phillips screwdriver to make this replacement. The screws in your laptop’s frame are secured with the bezel by plastic snaps. Once you have removed the bezel, you can place the new screen and secure it. You should then remove the screws, and your laptop will be like new.

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