Laptop Repair – Tips on How to Find the Right Company

There are few things more frustrating than purchasing a laptop and discovering that it won’t start. It’s a huge inconvenience and a big waste of money – especially if you’ve just brought it home from the store. Fortunately there are some simple things you can do to solve this issue. A laptop repair company should be able to help you with most issues; in fact it’s far better to have them diagnose the problem and give you advice on the best way to repair the laptop yourself. However, before calling the laptop repair company it’s worth checking the warranty to make sure that there is any spare warranty you have left.

A good laptop repair company won’t charge you more for the product than the original manufacturer, they won’t try to push their own agenda or make a sale (unless they are promoting a particular brand) and they won’t offer you any free services unless they can actually fix the laptop. A reliable laptop repair company won’t even try to sell you anything. They will offer free advice, if they cannot fix your laptop they will ask if you want to buy a new one, and only charge you if the repair is successful. They should also provide you with a guarantee, as well as offering you a reasonable service charge. If they cannot fix the laptop they should give you contact details for someone who can deal with the issue.

If the warranty is still valid then by all means take the laptop to the laptop repair services office as you’ll get your money back, but if it expires then send it back. Most companies offer money back guarantee, although some may only offer it for a limited period of time. Don’t assume that all warranty repairs will be covered as some only cover defects in the materials used; so check the fine print on your warranty.

Try and find a reputable nss laptop service center, there are many around, and using a search engine is your best bet. Type in the name of the town you live in, along with the word review’ or ‘consumer reports’ to narrow down your results. Next enter the laptop’s model number, it should say something like ‘factory refurbished’, ‘new and used’, ‘depot’,’repair’ etc. Once you have found a few companies that look promising, call them up. Ask them a few questions to see if they are a reliable laptop repair company, tell them everything you know about your laptop and how long it has been suffering from problems. They should be able to give you some good advice.

Don’t just accept that they’ll sort everything out, if you want to avoid spending more money on repairs, don’t be afraid to ask for references, and see if anyone has had problems with the company before. You can call the references provided by the technicians and get more details from them than from the company itself. Ideally, technicians who charge more should have a decent track record, however there is no rule stating that they have to.

It’s very easy to end up with a laptop repair service that will only work on brand new laptops, and not second hand ones. Make sure that the technicians charge according to the actual cost of their services, not according to the price of the laptop. If you’re lucky, a few of them will also offer to send out an analysis report to help you figure out what the real problem is. Always take things online, because chances are you won’t get any unbiased reviews.

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